One wheeling is riding a motor bike using a single wheel which can be life threatening. Bike riders, who resort to one Wheeling, often perform dangerous stunts like lying flat, standing on motor bikes and driving with backs facing the handle. Recent years have seen an alarming increase in this dangerous trend among the youth in Pakistan. Most of these bikes are run without silencer and the bikers make sure to give their bike a complete makeover so that they have dazzling headlights, awkward designs without mudguards and fuel tanks adorned in different colors. Youngsters, especially on Independence Day, Eid and New Year Eve do wheelies on their bike. One wheeling is an unusual sport of developing world. In the USA, UK, Japan and other western countries, one wheeling is considered a sport in the form of uni cycling, bicycling and tri-cycling and motor biking.Daring stunts can be witnessed on sports channels where joy riders take part in international events and enjoy the speed and stunt they perform in a healthy and relatively safer environment. Among the many causes, fueling this dangerous trend is the practice of people betting on their favourite item. In Pakistan, people face lack of recreational activities. We lacked state-owned parks and opportunities for healthy sports. Then militancy and terrorism reduce any opportunity for healthy entertainment in the country. In these circumstances, people resort to dangerous activities like one-wheeling as a form of entertainment. The government should set up safe racetracks for riders and depute special trainers where riders can take part in biking activities in a healthy and safe environment.

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