I woke up excitedly. This day was special. It was my birthday and I was sure that I was going to receive a great deal of wishes and presents this year. I got off from my bed and rushed to my bathroom to get dressed in the best possible manner. I wore the beautiful dress that I had bought especially for this day. I slipped on my twinkling jewellery, put on some light make-up, dressed my hair and went down for breakfast.

Mom was in the kitchen. I flashed a bright smile at her, waiting for her to wish me and give me a hug. But my smile soon vanished as my mother started rolling with laughter. I was confused. I asked her what was the matter? Controlling her laughter, she managed to answer me, which sounded something like, “Why are you dressed up like that early in the morning? Are you alright?”

I wondered what the surprise really was, because my mom did take me to her friend’s place. On our way to her house, I kept wondering if we were going somewhere for my party, but we weren’t. On our way back, I thought maybe now I would find my friends at my place. But I was disappointed again! Sadly, I went back to my room. It was getting late and nobody had wished me. I was so heartbroken for everybody had forgotten my birthday.

I was weeping when my mom came to my room. Seeing me crying, she got concerned and asked me what the matter was. I told her that I was upset because everybody had forgotten my birthday and now the day was almost over. My mother smiled as if she was controlling her laughter and told me politely that it was 29th November and not 29th December, which is my actual date of birth!

How my family kept making fun of me till my birthday actually came!

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