Business In The Name Of Education

We are going deeper in the system of private schools and our mindset towards private schools is more as compare to government schools. Like other areas, the private schools in rural areas of Mirpurkhas are interested to make money rather educate the society. People are attracted by the structure of school buildings not by education system.

Many private schools are running in towns district Mirpurkhas, using the high quality education “slogans”, but they are not providing quality education to the students. We are blindfolded  by catching slogans and we believe in Tags/labels no matter what type of education they are imparting to us. If our son/daughter matriculates from well-known school he/she should feel proud of the standards of that school, whether they have skills, manners, or not but they always are appreciated by their relatives and friends because of high standard school.

If you compare a dull student of a private school standing beside on a intelligent student of government school, the confidence level of the student of a government school will be very low because of class system and its low standards. The students from government schools are more intelligent and more worthy as compare to students of private schools. 
We drag their moral so down by telling them those things which do not exist in real world we can improve the system of government schools in rural areas of Mirpurkhas as they provide quality education system.
A good number of private schools are unregistered but, we believe in standards and educational system of schools. Our educational entrepreneurship now is in the devil’s hand. Today education has become a business and the ownership of a private schools. First you get admission there will be admission fees and after that tuitions fee and uniform where your expenditures are enhanced, second they will organize events like: Yellow day Culture day, Red day, which are mandatory to attend and if you won’t attend it you’ve to face the penalty. In this situation you have to pay and that’s how they make money.

Its high time for the government to see how things are going and should allocate higher amount of budget to the public education, instead of investing higher amount on roads, industries, subsidies utilities they should invest money on education .
Education is pillar of developing as well as aware society and without good education we can only produce quantity not quality.

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