Children’s Bulley

Bullying is stealthy action that offence children’s Natural sight to feel save and secure. It can prejudicial effect their ,emotions well-being further peer relations and their sense Of self.bullying includes many forms like physical and emotional abuse, intimidation, harrasment and exclusion.

It now has a well-published cyber dimensions which has moved the goal post, for many kids. In the past children could escape bulling behaviour they may have experienced by being at home.cyber bulling now means that kids cannot escape the bully like they once could.

Bullying is not the domain of one gender, girls bully just as much as boys but they do it in less physical ways while boys use physical cowing or verbal abuse to display or show power, girls are more likely to use exclusion or verbal sarcasm to assert themselves.

Bullying should not be confused with facing rejection random acts of violence or physically and conflict while children will often tease or fight this bickering should not be confused with bullying .

Bullying is about lack of power as one person is weak to stop the teasing or physical abuse. bullying is the selective uninvited, repetitive oppression one person by another person or group. it should not be tolerated or practice by the adults who inhabit their world.if you think that someone is being bully hand him with care as children often din not want to admit that they are on the recieving ends of bullying. Some kids keep it to their chest so it helps to be on tookout of warning signs such as items being stole changing the route to school and withdrawl for unusual acts.

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