A large number of dead sea creatures surfaced along Karachi’s Sea View beach with experts believing that they have died owing to an illness or oil spill, Express News reported on Sunday. The death the of marine life is a cause for concern for local fishermen who are dependent on them for their sustenance.

Citizens say that that the maritime movement of ships to Karachi’s ports and shore, along with poisonous chemical waste and diesel is a major reason behind the incident.The authorities, however, are yet to take any action against the factories for polluting the waters.

Experts believe that incidents such as this occur every year as the local authorities have installed a sewage line in the sea.

Moreover, the disposal of waste into the sea is also a contributing factor in the loss of marine life.Yesterday, volunteers belonging to different organisations participated in a beach clean up to observe the International Coastal Clean-up Day. Some people are very bad in our society they should not care what is happening in our country, it is the way where people enjoy and this place is very dirty so where we enjoy, where we feel relax only few areas where people go for enjoyment and this area is day by day become dirty.

A beach clean-up activity, organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature – Pakistan in partnership with the National Volunteer Programme (NVP) and a beverage company, was conducted at the Sea View beach. The activity aimed to create awareness and a need to check the increasing pollution of the world’s seas and oceans. People should try to clean the beach like they clean their homes because beach is also the mirror of our country if beach is clean so many people love and like it and it is also our benefit.

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