Drug addicted youth

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youth is considered as the backbone or future of any state. They plays a very important role in the development of any country. They are getting valuable education and participates in extra curriculum activities by the help of their surrounding to serve their country. But now a days a very huge amount of youth indulge themselves in drugs. They become addicted to it.

Drug is a substance taken for its narcotic or stimulant effects , illegally. the most common type of drug includes Heroine(opioid by class used as recreational drugs uses for its euphoric effects), cocaine (CNS stimulant local anesthetic by class used as recreational drug, effect mind),hallucinogen(effect emotion, thoughts etc.),amphetamine(CNS stimulant, anorectic by class, effect brain),cannabis/marijuana(part of a plant used for recreational purpose),alcohol(have mental and physical effects).

According to world drug report 2017, 12 million people inject drugs of which 1.6 million people living with HIV, 6.1 million living with hepatitis C and 1.3 million people living with both HIV and hepatitis C.

If we talk about Pakistan, it is a developing country which consist of about 60% of youth approximately. The era by which Pakistan is passing is the falling and rising era. it is facing terrorism, unemployment and many other internal and external problems. In this situation the youth is considered to play a very vital role to keep Pakistan upfront in the world. But unfortunately the youth included the educates ones to whom the quality education and other facilities are provided indulge themselves in drugs for the short time pleasure and for getting themselves out from stress, anxiety and depression. Most of the time it is the planning of the rackets who involve teenagers and youth specially the one who are facing some kind of pressure on their mind and used them for their benefits. At first they(youth) thought they can control the amount of dosage they take but after sometime they become addicted to it which sometime causes death. About 8.9 million people in Pakistan are drug user. most of the illegal drugs come from the neighboring Afghanistan .

According to the survey report the treatments were short supply. It is available for less than 30,000 drug users

The conclusion is that our youth should be aware of this kind of rackets who just use them for their profit and make their lives unbearable. They should understand by the sake of short time pleasure, they may not take risk of their health. The stress, anxiety and depression can also be released by spending some time with family and friends drug is not the solution of any problem. As mentioned above youth is the future of Pakistan so they should take step to make themselves better and become pride of Pakistan.

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