Hakeems In The Buses

By: Rana Malhi
In olden days, when medical-science was not developed as today, different diseases used to be cured by herbs. The wise people, who used these methods to treat the patients, were called Hakeems. By their treatment people were benefited in health with meagre medicine at low cost. Even today the famous Hakeem ‘Luqman’ is referred for his highly effective methods of treatment. Today, in such age when medical-science is at its peak in the history of mankind, natural herbs are widely used in some parts of the world for treatment but in our country such Hakeems are normally found in buses, carrying medicines in the bags and yelling to sell. In this way they grab some persons’ attention while others have to listen.
Such an interesting condition came before me when I was travelling in a bus, and a man sat beside me. His complexion was dark, had long moustaches, handling a black bag like school children and due to badly chewing ‘Paan’ there were lines on both sides of his mouth. We greeted with each other. As the bus left stop, he suddenly stood up and started to speak with travellers. “Assalam-o-Alikum my brothers, lend me just two minutes, paying your attention.
You are religiously aware, the liar must go to hell and God is witness, we work hard and never lie. I brought medicines for you, prepared by the formula of ‘Hakeem Waloo khan’. It is not common medicine like others in the market. It provides quick relief from pain. The actual price is 50 rupees but for travellers with consecution I give only in 40 rupees which is not a big price for the medicine like it.”
Some people were really irritated because he forced them to buy, saying ‘It will be helpful for you. You need it.’ Somehow he sold his all packets, and alighted at next stop. After he has left the bus, I asked a person sitting nearby that how do you see such Hakeems and their medicines? First he laughed then replied; ‘Now days such Hakeems are not available who benefit people.
It is the period of medical-science, who would believe them?’ Suddenly an old man with ill complexion interrupted him, ‘Son! You are young. It was our time when no doctors and hospitals were present. They were only Hakeems who cured the people in low price by natural resources. Even today when I get ill, I go to Hakeems and benefited.’
After listening both I realised that there was a time when no hospitals or doctors, with such nice facilities as today we have, were available but Hakeems. It is also right that today is the period of medical-science. In result it completely depends upon us what we choose.

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