I Am Corrupt

Man is a social animal. Living in a society, he faces many social problems. Different societies have different problems. But some curses have gripped all the societies of world. One of such problems is corruption. There is no denying the fact that corruption is a wide spread problem. It is one of the greatest social, economic, political and moral problems. It has been a cause of great disturbance for our peaceful society. This problem has reached an alarming position for the last decade or so. Now it has really become a threat for our safety and society. That is why It needs to be tackled immediately. It is important to mention here that this evil is not limited to our society or country only but is has spread in the whole world.

This worldwide problem has been disturbing the whole world but in our country its intensity has greatly increased for the last few years. The causes of the spread of corruption are many but the important ones are listed below.

The major cause of corruption in our society is our defective administrative system. The administrative high ups behave so none seriously and carelessly in important matters that it results in untold troubles for our society.

It is the duty of Govt.to check evil results of it but no efforts are being made to control the problem of corruption.

Another major cause of the public with the Govt. in such matters counts a lot. It is bitter fact that our public is not serious to co-operate with the Govt. to crush this evil. The following step is suggested to tackle this problem.

The administrative of the country should be strengthened because the strong Govt. Set up can solve such problems effectively.

Literacy rate of the country should be improved because only education and literate society can be aware of such problems. The people should be aware of their responsibilities and co-operate with the Govt. They should take keen interest in the matters of national interests.

The concept of the national unity should be inculcated in the people. Only then we can make our future bright. National unity will help us to overcome this problem. The above mentioned steps can eradicate this social evil from our society. The eradication of this evil means the welfare and betterment of our society.

In this way, our society will surely be strong, peaceful and prosperous. . .

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