Less career for painters in Pakistan

Have you read the quote, ‘the land without art is just eh’? This could be the reason why even in this age of science and technology, many students choose the arts as their specialty. Art is not a single theme; In fact, it is a center of creative categories, where each field is working with its own implications on how to use the imagination to create innovations.

But in Pakistan, the career of artists or painters is much lower. There is no value or value for an artist. They can not survive in this advanced world. The interest of people in art is to decrease day by day, the main reason behind this is that art subjects must be compulsory or must create a separate department for art students.

Instead of focusing on specific social circumstances or participating in current events, modern art offers metaphorical and transcendent alternatives to the real world. Its materials and media seek permanence. On the contrary, contemporary art is immersed in the immediate and the present. Unlike modernism, it does not offer transcendence but rather commits to existing conditions. It is often “post-medium”, since “contemporary” artists generally employ various materials and techniques that include ephemeral and time-based media.

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