“LOVE IS LIFE” written by Syed Muhammad Aun (MED-17S-017)

It stands for “lots of varied emotions.” Love is very important for each and every person, because you see that Plant need water and air for develop, without water and air it cannot be developed. Everything need some important thing for success in life like mobile need charger and battery for charging, fan and iron need electricity for plying, motorcycle and car need petrol, foods need oil for cooking, animals need forest and zoo for live, police and thief need guns, fire need water, human need bad for sleeping, children need education, group need leader, people need money, women need makeup, that’s why everything need love for shining.

“You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever.”

Mostly people think that love is only between boyfriend and girlfriend but it is totally wrong, we forget it love is also between parents and their children, neighbor, teachers and students, friends also, actually the problem is that some people think negative a lot, they never think positive. People also think that elder people like male and female do not love each other or do not fall in love, actually love is not depend on age, it depends on feelings and we ignore again and again and after they marry we realize they love each other.

“It doesn’t matter, if you don’t love with me! Because if I, don’t look you happy, so what kind of love is it?”

Every love gives us very pain at specific time whether we love with family, best friend or girlfriend. Some people digest that pain and some people not and left the world. The solution of love is only that we should not try to lose our hope because if there is a hope there is a will, but if we talk about true love, is that love which does not reach its destination, there were colours, there was a glow, when you were besides me, this world was like heaven, On the sands of time, something which seemed like my name, you wrote it and then disappeared leaving me behind. Our incomplete story…. Our incomplete story…

“I wish to write this article with my blood”

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