Public transport:A painful story

The people of Karachi are facing a serious issue of public transport along with other many. This problem of public transport is a painful story specifically for students and labors.

Busses are the major source of travel in Karachi because in Karachi the ratio of poor and middle class people is high, who cannot afford high fares of private transport. Travelling in buses is relatively cheap. But the condition of public transport is very poorly managed and out dated.

Capacity in public transport is limited and passengers are forced to hang on the door and sit on the roof of the bus. Passengers have to wait long at the bus stop due to the shortage of buses. Sometimes they even cannot get the bus because they are filled with more than its capacity of passengers. This limited seating in buses also create a problem for female passengers because males are welcomed by conductors and drivers to sit in ladies compartment and for this reason many females face harassment as well.

Another problem with the public transport is token system of buses. This system has ruined travelling in buses because driver maintains the speed of bus according to their time of token. Sometimes they drive with the speed of snail and sometimes they drive it like a rocket, this reckless driving put lives in danger and results in major accidents.

The condition of public transport of Karachi needs attention of government to overcome the above problems and to be fixed as soon as possible.

Syeda Shadab,

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