433,000 people on average die from smoking per year. Teens are now risking their lives by taking up the smoking habits. Smoking can also take control on human’s life which play the game and pay death as a reward. It has been widely known that smoking is harmful and unhealthy for humans, but still the graph is getting higher. Many organizations and advertising companies are working on it to reduce smoking and aware the public. But, here the youth has set the smoking as a trend or they are adopting this habit as their stress releasing pill.

In 2006 Philip Morris spread their campaign like warning the public through the words “Think.  Don’t Smoke”. Many people said that they played so well with this campaign, they are raising kids who don’t smoke, they may warn the people not to smoke but still they are making their tobacco products. If they really want to minimize this smoking habit then they should stop producing their products. This makes the proper sense.

Smoking also causes various diseases in cancer and premature deaths. Every year women die because of lung cancer cause by smoking more than breast cancer. Life expectancy for smokers is at least 10 years shorter than for non-smokers. It is a preventable habit if a person once decides to remove this from their life. Smoking show you the way to death whereas, many people embrace it as their relief which is a psychological concern.

To minimize this habit we must start to educate our children from basics. Parents should aware their children from the beginning to avoid or not to adopt this habit from anywhere, and if the parents themselves are smokers they should avoid smoking in front of their kids. Proper awareness programs should be held in institutes. If it happens continuously we may all lose our children, our future, our youth our lives. This tiny little thing has a power to destroy our generation.

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