To China with Love

         A relationship between 2 countries is not just about doing business, giving loans to each other or the meeting of politicians to each other in order to work on new planes. But, it is the name of an endless friendship in which language, styles and even culture has to be shared with each other. Pakistan and China has this type of relationship a long time ago. Both countries have clear perception to each other as well as the love the nations.

         For a common man of Pakistan the relationship of Pakistan and china is not just a hope for better future in diplomacy but a courage to fight the challenges through the time. Now people of Pakistan are working with them in different organizations as well as chines people have their business in domestic level in Pakistan and people of Pakistan use to shop from them. Only this relationship is not just interesting but its history has a uniqueness in it.

         The relationship starts from 1951 when during the civil war Communist groups captured on China and the Present Government had to transfer itself to Taiwan. Pakistan was the first country who accepted the government of China and discard the relationship with Taiwan. In 1956 Chinese premier Zhou Enlai and Prime Minister of Pakistan Hussain Shaheed Sher-wardi signed the “Treaty of Friendship” between China and Pakistan. Now with the flow of time both countries are progressing together.

         “In Art Economy is Always Beauty, Henry James”. Yes! China is playing a great roll in the development of economic system of Pakistan. Some major projects are the following.

  • The 720 megawatt Karot hydro-project: – This projects was started in December 2016 and will be completed in December 2021. This Project is about 720 Megawatt Korat Hydropower and located in Kashmir.
  • Direct current transmission line from Lahore to Matiari: – This project will help Pakistan to cover the shortage of Electricity in the country. It is the investment of $2 billion and will be completed in 2024.
  • Karachi Circular Railway (KCR): – It is the project to upgrade the costal of Karachi and will be completed in 2020.
  • China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): – It is the plan to build a port at Gawadar in order to connect Gwadar Port of Pakistan to China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang, It is the investment of $46 billion.

So, it is true that the love of Pakistan with China is ‘higher than the mountains, deeper than the oceans, sweeter than honey and stronger than steel’.

Tayyab Latif

Student Of Media Studies, Son, Brother, Want to be News Anchor, Love Pakistan

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