Unemployment in Pakistan

From the Dark Age before, it is true that unemployment is a sensitive and most repeatedly
faced issue of Pakistan. Most of the natives are suffering from this depression referred to as
‘unemployment’. Many Pakistani graduates are talented, intelligent, and skilled yet don’t get an
opportunity to work. Currently, more than 3 million Pakistanis are unemployed. There are many
students who move abroad for work after getting degrees. Pakistan is blessed enough to have
valuable human capital but unfortunately due to lack of opportunities most of them leave the

Causes of Unemployment
There are countless reasons behind the menace of unemployment in Pakistan. Let’s highlight some of
the significant ones here:

Over Population
Uncontrolled and ever increasing population of Pakistan is certainly challenging. According to the
statistics, the population of Pakistan is increasing by 2.2%. The factors responsible for overpopulation
are illiteracy, early marriages, desires for sons, lack of awareness etc.

Terrorism & Political Instability
Unemployment in Pakistan aggravated due to the problem of terrorism and political instability. This has
resulted in destruction of institutions, and affected the peace and economic growth of various regions.
This is the key reason that international investors refrained from investing their capital in Pakistan.
Many factories has closed owing to suicide explosion, where lots of people work to earn money for their
lives, because of explosion so many people unemployed, on the other hand, production of different
things went down and closing of factories caused to rise more unemployment.
Energy Crisis
Pakistan is blessed with plenty of natural resources and is an atomic power, still faces energy crisis.
There are many sources of producing energy in Pakistan but due to lack of proper planning, efforts, and
corruption, Pakistan is having problem of energy crisis. The government of Pakistan is unable to provide
electricity to residential areas in Pakistan and similarly, the industrial sector is severely affected.
Pakistan Unemployment Rate
Unemployment Rate in Pakistan declined to 5.90 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015 from 6 percent in
the fourth quarter of 2014. It averaged 5.46 percent from 1985 until 2015. In Pakistan, the
unemployment rate measures the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the
labor force.
Growth of Population
One of the major and the biggest problems of unemployment in Pakistan is the growth of population.
According to the survey, the population of Pakistan is increasing with the rate of 2.2%. The reason
behind the massive population is illiteracy, early marriages and also lack of awareness. This problem is
very common, especially in rural areas where there are more uneducated people. Government or any
other sector cannot provide those jobs.
Poor Education System
Everyone knows that the education system in Pakistan is very poor and this is the major reason behind
the unemployment problem in Pakistan. We can see that government has failed to take necessary steps
to provide the best education system, which cause imbalance in the education system. Many brilliant
students have left the study due to too many fees. Moreover, many institutions are just selling degrees
to the people, which results in the lack of experience and skills in them.
Higher Retirement Age
The retirement age in Pakistan is 60 years, which is very high. Government is directly responsible for the
unemployment problem in Pakistan. Due to this factor, the people with less age are in wait of jobs and
their higher education is making them exasperated because of no job.

Solution of Unemployment Problem in Pakistan
There are many solutions to decrease the unemployment problem in Pakistan like the improvement in
the education system. There should be proper planning by the government of Pakistan. Every sector
should be developed and job should be given on the merit basis only. Moreover, family planning centers
should be opened everywhere to educate the people. In the end, one must say that this unemployment
problem should not be ignored

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