Art an unsolved mystery in Pakistani culture, instead of understanding the value of art, people in Pakistan give silly names to the artists, instead of supporting the art in people, Society calls that art as the bad habits like singing ,acting, dancing etc. history says everyone is an artist. But everyone can not face the fear to bring out the art in them, this is just because of the negative mind sets of people in society.

Lack of art has destroyed the development aspect in Pakistan. Artists are doing the jobs they do not like to do that is why the departments working for the government are failed to function well. Some artists have taken out their artistic side out and are working in their field, they are not getting the support and respect because of which they are not well stable in their finance.

To understand the value of art , academics should include art related subjects from the primary stage just like developed countries. Because there in Pakistan people believe the academics ether it is wrong or right just like the war in 1973 between Pakistan and India. In Pakistani books Pakistan has won the war and in Indian books India is the winner.Not understanding the art has brought us to a condition where we are not able to identify the thing by our own, we are dependent on others opinions, very short number of people are successful to generate their own perceptions and opinions they are the people who love art. An artist said “If you love art, do not visit pakistan”. after reading this statement an art loving personality will absolutely be hurt and this is right. We Pakistani people do not respect art do not take care of art do not support art this is the only reason we are under development from the decades.

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