Why I choose to start a new blog?

Hello everyone, this is me, Zohaib Ali. So this is my first blog post ever on https://allisviral.com so I decided why not write about the reason I choose to start a new blog.

Two Reasons

There are two reasons that why I started this blog.

Reason One:

So basically I wanted to share my thoughts, my ideas and reviews infront of the whole world. So I started questioning myself that where to look up so the blog and blogging was the answer to my questions.

Reason Two:

So I decided that blog can do the work of sharing my thoughts infront of the world. But then the second reason is that why not I start to earn money from my blog? Currently I am not making any penny but in future, I will be using ads and paid reviews (paid for my time) to generate some decent income from the blog.

So these were the two main reasons why I started this blog, Fair enough, right? Well I guess so! I would like to hear from your side too, please do post your valuable comments under this post so I can analyze what you guys think of my first ever blog post.

Also tell me that the these two reasons are good enough for me to start the blog? If yes comment, if not then please comment too. I will love to hear from your side. I hope that you guys will like my efforts, appreciate me and keep on reading different articles and blog posts. Have a great day and enjoy your stay at All is Viral.  And yeah please do share this blog post on facebook, twitter, google+ or via email. Also don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so that you never miss out an update from All is Viral. It’s me Zohaib, signing off.

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